How do I get my FREE Hero Tow account?

You must first be a subscribed Hero Builder, this means you have paid the $29.99 and are actively billed as such.

Here are the steps to receive you FREE Hero Tow account:

  1. Create a brand new free to play account.
  2. Submit a support ticket request as: "NEW HERO TOW ACCOUNT."
  3. Please include the gamename of your primary Hero account, and your newly created free play account.
  4. Our team will then add the permissions to that new account.
  5. That's it, you're tow account is ready!

You will have that free towing account as long as you are an active hero builder ONLY. Under no other circumstances will you be eligible to retain them.

We appreciate your support as a Hero, it truly does help us get a lot done around here.

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    I got same problem about email ,why don't they make something easy walk through to get it ,I'd spend too much time trying to figure out how to get the towing account ,thank

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    You can create alternate email accounts.  I have comcast so I'm allowed up to seven accounts, but you can also have gmail or yahoo accounts to create for the other characters. EXAMPLE: or   I don't understand why if your using the same actual name, same actual credit card, same actual address, you can't use the same email address, but I'm sure there are 90,000,000 email addresses for just this purpose.

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    I can't set up a free to play account because my e-mail address is already in use.



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