Game crashes before it finishes starting up.

Does the game crash when offline? (Start -> Cornered Rat Software -> Battleground Europe -> Practice Offline).
Or are you using a laptop?

If your graphics card is an integrated video processor (which is common on laptops and many PC motherboards these days), it may very well lack enough dedicated video RAM to run the game. (Most on-board video chips share memory with the normal system processes not leaving enough for the game).

If won't load the game world offline, that strongly suggests there aren't enough resources to run the game.

Are you running an AMD card? We've had sudden issues with the Plays.TV program that AMD installs alongside their drivers that is causing immediate crashes. Please uninstall it and see if the issue remains.

If it cannot load offline and there are enough resources for the game to run, refer to WW2_Log.txt (Located in Documents>Battleground Europe), open a support ticket and load that into the ticket, include information about your graphics card and system setup so we can do further troubleshooting.

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    Kurt Venter

    I have a runtime error... something in the program is terminated unusually which causes the game to crash when I want to launch a map.. I can't even do the first basic training mission. Please help fix this bug


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