How can I increase my frame rates?

Getting the most frame per second out of your system.

Frame Rates Are Variable

Frame rates are highly variable within the game world due to two main things: where you are (including what you're looking at and whether you're in the air or on the surface) and how many other players are around you (including what all they are doing - dropping bombs, shooting, making things go Pew Pew! and Boom Boom!

Some places are going to effect your frame rates.

Your frame rates in Antwerp will not necessarily be the same as they are in Sedan.

Some events are going to effect your frame rates.

Your frame rates in an All-Or-Nothing huge fight in Bertrix will not be the same as a 5 man sniper/counter-sniper fight in Betrix.

Benchmarking: Objective measures of performance

It helps to have a baseline of your current performance. You can get this by run offline and check your framerates at a specific location.
Then you can make changes, and run a subsequent check to see what objective change there has been.
You can also use Fraps (which has a free version) to get an external measure of your frame per second.

Eliminating the Competition
This is pretty simple:

1) Disable as many applications as possible.
2) Do a thorough security scan (because it couldn't hurt).

Game Preferences

  • Go to Settings and select Best Performance. That will change a lot of settings. But double check a few before saving the change.
  • Under Video -> Infantry, set Level of Detail as low as it will go.
  • Under connection, set Visible Player Limit to Low.
  • Drop the number of Corpses and Duration to the minimum on those sliders.

Miscellaneous "Don'ts"

Don't forget to say if you're running at a huge resolution. 30" monitor, triple-wide, three projectors, 6 screen eye-finity: these things might have an impact on performance.
Don't run two instances of the game at once. Because it's not supported. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, we're fine with that too.
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