Forced Despawn/Disconnection


This change was made to protect the user-base as a whole from an unintended and incidental poor connection situation that leads to players being out of sync and therefore "unkillable", and protect them from cheaters that are intentionally lagging to gain advantage.

Things to try:

  • Make sure netcode3 (Preferences->Connection->Netcode3) is enabled.  When the problem occurs please note whether or not previously in your chat window if netcode3 was automatically disabled prior to the forced despawn.
  • Reduce your visual-limit (Preferences->Connection->Visible Player Limit - set to Low) - only takes effect on the next respawn - make sure that when you do to note what the chat window says your setting is
  • If you are running multiple instances (tow account) - stop doing that as a test and see what happens when you do not.
  • If you run over wifi - try running a cable direct to your router as a test to see if it improves: NOTE:  If you do run over wifi your packet drop rate is proportional to your distance from the router but is also affected by the number of devices you have connected.
  • If you are running any unnecessary apps please kill them before running the game to see if it helps at all.  For the purpose of this test your discord or TS is unnecessary.

If you need to log a support ticket, we ask that you collect the following information and send it to us:

  • What callsign(s) are being despawned?
  • Using either WinMTR (PC) or MacappstoreMTR (Mac) run for 5 minutes during the period you normally play against 
  •  send us the results 
  • Using change the server to one in Ft. Worth Texas, take a picture of the results, and send them to us - do this at the time you normally play.
  • Let us know:
    • Where do you live (country/city)
    • Who is your ISP
    • What type of connection do you have (Fiber, cable, DSL, etc)
    • What kind of speed does your ISP sell you (up and down - note what they sell you is never what you actually get)
    • How old is your Rig and how "stout" was it when you bought it (top gaming, mid-range, economy - is all we need)
    • How much free memory do you have when you are running the game
    • What other apps do you have running while you are playing?
    • What kind of burden outside of your gaming PC is placed on your network? (people streaming videos, playing console games, etc)
  • Is the amount of time before you are despawned consistent?  And if so, how long does it take?
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