My game is too large for the screen!

If you launch the game and the game is only showing part of the actual screen, you'll need to go into your properties for the game and select where it says Override high DPI Scaling Behavior and ensure it is selected.


For our steam users, you'll right click WWII Online, go to Properties,

then go to Local Files.

From here, right click on WW2.exe and choose Override High DPI Scaling Behavior.

This should resolve the issue and return your screen to normal size.

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    i dont have WW2.exe so i cant change the setting to override high. or i cant find it help pls 

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    I'm running Windows 8.1 and I don't have Override High DPI Scaling Behavior. I just have Disable display scaling on high DPI settings (I tried and it didn't work) 

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    paul vandertas

    i was having the same problem, on windows 10. I clicked reduce colour mode, and changed it to 16 bit colour, and that seemed to work. hope that helps.

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